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Silly Serrano'S STORY



Silly Serrano moved from Downtown Eau Claire to

2006 Cameron St. in September 2022.  

We strive to continue to bring quality, made from scratch food to the community.  

Executive Chef, Juan Arredondo was born in Mexico and brings over 20 years of experience to the Silly Serrano.  In addition to shaping a truly exceptional Mexican menu with authentic flavours and techniques, Chef Juan also brings a sense of silliness by mixing up the menu and adding some non-traditional Mexican items to the menu. He strives to have every guest feel truly at home, so they are able to unwind, enjoy and have Mexican food that exceeds expectations.  Mexican food is full of colours, flavours, stories and culture.  The Silly Serrano strives to create an  experience that feels like home.   

Owner, Sheila Arredondo is from the Eau Claire area and is excited to have returned to Eau Claire after many great years of traveling through the jungles of Central and South America to exploring the beaches of Hawaii, Thailand and Mexico.  Sheila has always had a passion for exploring new cultures as well as trying new foods.  She is excited to bring Juan's love for Mexican food to Eau Claire.

How are we doing?

We love hearing from our customers because we care.  We want to deliver not just great food, beverage and service but even more so an experience you will rave about to your friends.  Please drop us a note about how we did and what if anything we can do to improve.  We take your comments to heart and will do our best to meet all of your request.  

Let us know by emailing us at:

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