Cafe Serrano

Silly Serrano has acquired the building located at 2006 Cameron St., Eau Claire, WI 54703.  However, as of April 24th 2022 we will be temporarily closing Cafe Serrano due to construction and remodelling.   We are building an addition for the kitchen & making some updates in the dining room.  Please check back here or check our Facebook for updates on when we will reopen. Silly Serrano Mexican Restaurant located at 329 Riverfront Terrace remains open until the end of August.  Come September 2022 we will fully move the restaurant operation to 2006 Cameron St.

What's Happening?

A new commercial kitchen needs to be added onto the building at 2006 Cameron St. before Silly Serrano can move its food preparation. Cafe Serrano is temporarily closed for construction.



2006 Cameron St. - Temporarily closed for construction and remodeling


329 Riverfront Terrace- Located across from Phoenix Park.  This is where all Mexican Food will be picked up.  Come Dine in or grab food to go thru our convenient drive thru.